Shane Hale - San Diego User Experience & Conversion


I’m Shane Hale. This website started in 1997 in a computer science class at CSULB. 16 years later my slice of the web is still ever changing. With my tastes in design and code, the has evolved in to what you see today. This is my sandbox, were I get to play with new technologies, test designs, and learn how users interact with a website. It is one of my many creative outlets, but also one of my favorites.

Today my primary interests lie in Web User Experience and Conversion Optimization. These two areas of expertise have interested me for years, as they directly impact with the method that a visitor interacts with a website and if you are satisfying the promise that lead a user to your site in the first place. If you are interested learning more about my take these areas, I touch upon both User Experience and Conversion Optimization in my blog and am open to discussing consulting engagements for the right project.

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