My 2013 New Years Intentions

New Year Intentions 2013

December 31st, 2012 | Life | | Comments

2013I’ve always hated the term New Years Resolutions. I do appreciate that it is a motivating factor that gets a lot of butts off the coach and puts plans into action, but I always felt like they are an excuse for something they should of started months ago. For that reason I call them New Years Intentions. These are definitive items that I am going to accomplishments in the year. No excuses, I’m finding a way to get it done.

It may be a good idea to review what I, Shane Hale, set out to accomplish in 2012, and if I fell short of any of these goals.

Last Years Goals:

  • Give my fiance the wedding she always wanted
  • Get married to my beautiful fiance.
  • Improve my career satisfaction.
  • Continue to grow Roughin’It, my camping website.

I feel confident I accomplished all of these goals. On August 25th, in a beautiful ceremony on bay of Coronado California, I married my fiance, and had the most amazing wedding I have every attended. All of our friends and family were able to attend, and Brandie saw all of her creativity and planning over our 20 month engagement come to life. In April I was promoted at to the Director of User Experience and Conversion, and was able to share many of my thoughts on how to improve the culture at the office, increase productivity and grow the website. I went from a low point in career satisfaction to a high that I have never felt before. And finally with Roughin’It, I explored new traffic generating avenues and expanded the content on a regular basis. Thanks to some how to guides and a Pinterest campaign a post about ‘Natural Mosquito Repellent‘ saw traffic spike to a new high of 1000 visitors in a day. Not bad for a side hobby.

2013 New Year Accomplishments:

It will honestly be tough to follow up my accomplishments from last year. They were anything short of life changing. With momentum on my side, here are my goals for 2013.

  • Purchase a House for Brandie and I to start our family and grow old in.
  • Visit 4 United States National Parks (targeting: Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Redwood)
  • Establish Brandie’s company, Epiphany Massage, as the premier Corporate Chair Massage Mobile Massage service in San Diego.
  • Continue to grow Roughin’It doubling traffic and revenue from the previous year.
  • Double revenue while maintaining a positive user experience across the site.
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