About Shane Hale, User Experience & Conversion

About Shane Hale

Shane Hale is the Director of User Experience and Conversion Optimization of DMV.org. A self-taught, Front End Developer and Web Product Manager, Shane has developed and expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), information architecture (IA), user-centered design, website usability, and conversion funnel testing and optimization. Shane has been called a ‘Secret Weapon’ and ‘Special Ops’ for his extensive knowledge of internet technology, developing out of the box solutions, and pushing projects through to completion.

User Experience & Conversion Optimization

Shane Hale specializes in User Experience and Conversion Optimization for website. Before the terms User Experience and Conversion Optimization were coined, he was developing rich user-centered website designs with clear business goals in mind. Shane Hale’s web site philosphy is simple: “User Experience and Conversion Optimization are not mutually exclusive. Optimizing both will result in achieving the business objectives” Utilizing this strategy he has turned poor experiences into positive experiences, where users are engaged in the website, navigating conversion paths and recommend the website to their connections. These website see high click through rates, low bounce rates and a high revenue per visitor.


While studying Graphic Design at California State University Long Beach he owned a successful postal center business in Long Beach. During this time Shane Hale self taught himself many internet technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). He would later earned a Associate of Arts Degree in Internet:Graphic Communications, and a Certificate in Internet Publishing from Palomar College.

Since then he has attended many conferences to further his knowledge and education. Some of these confrences include:

  • UI: User Interface Experiece, The UX & Design Conference, Boston, Sept 2008
  • Conversion Conference, San Francisco, April 2012
  • Search Engine Strategies, San Francisco, August 2012

Personal Life

Shane enjoys beer tasting, attending Charger games, rooting on the Padres, Alabama Football, hiking, and camping. He runs a camping website which helps campers find new campgrounds across the United States. He lives in San Diego, California, with his wife and two dogs, and hopes to retire in an extreme tree house some day.